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Best Companies To Work In The World

All of us who consider ourselves employees will agree that a number of key factors are needed to further motivate us to work for one company or another. For example, we can think of a high salary, flexibility to reconcile work and family life or a good atmosphere among colleagues.

In order of importance, according to consultants and independent experts in human resources, workers value:

  1. Talent management and professional projection, performance and unwanted rotation.
  2. Remuneration in kind and social benefits.
  3. Training.
  4. Environment
  5. CSR: Social and volunteer policies in which the staff is involved.

Well, according to this, here are the best companies to work for:

1. Google

But there are companies that have gone further when it comes to well-being and have created a whole new world for their employees to discover. We started the list of companies that most “pamper” their own by the almighty Google, which although it was already famous for the high incentives it gave its workers, has been crowned thanks to the “Googleplex” a small town that they have built in California where they offer their workers all kinds of services they may need: nursery, mobile libraries, massages, hairdressers, manicures, street markets, capsules for napping or changing car oil, among others. They also allow dogs to be brought to work and encourage visits by children and parents to offices.

2. Twitter

We continue in the web world with the second and third place on the list. The silver medal goes to the social network Twitter, and is that the current CEO and co-founder, Jack Dorsey, has a lot of money. So much so that he has donated a third of his Twitter shares to employee.

Equivalent to two hundred million dollars. Dorsey tweeted on the subject saying that he would rather have less of something big than much of something small. And the generosity and exceptionality of this CEO does not end here: Dorsey is also famous for taking new employees on excursions to the Gandhi statue.

3. Facebook

In the case of Facebook, which occupies our third place, the employees take a complete technological kit as a welcome and not only that, but Mark Zuckerberg himself, when he wants to hire a new employee for Facebook, takes him for a walk. The goal, according to Zuckerberg, is to chat about the company’s vision.

4. Linkedin

We continue on our list and in position number four is Linkedin; This social network, until recently unknown, has announced that as of November 1 it will apply a new vacation model for its employees that will allow them to take unlimited days off. As they advertise on their website, they want to better understand your personal needs in order to perform their work in a more optimal way.

5. Cysco Systems

With Cisco Systems we reach the meridian of companies that make their workers happy, and that is that Cisco is considered one of the largest manufacturers of computer network technology in the world; has created “Life Connections” a free primary health center for all its staff that includes X-rays, dentist, pediatrician, ophthalmologist etc.

And also a fitness area. The best thing about this company is that it supports telecommuting, and 75% of the workforce can work remotely with access to data and voice services.

6. Microsoft

Microsoft, at number six, is highly valued for its flexibility in terms of reconciling work and family life. It is one of the few companies that has such well-paid maternity and paternity leave and you can even access remote work. It also has very good health coverage for its workers and direct family members.

7. NetApp

In just a few years, data warehousing firm NetApp of California has become one of the most prestigious technology companies to work for according to Fortune magazine and the number seven in ours.

It does not offer any services that we have mentioned for now, but employees directly request their need and the company does everything possible to satisfy it. For example, last year NetApp provided its data warehousing services for free to a group of surgeons to treat the brain tumor of an employee’s son.

8. Edelman

We changed the technology for a public relations agency, in position eight we have the company Edelman, which although it is little known internationally, in the United States has a lot of repercussion due to the study carried out by The Market Watch in which it affirms that its employees are delighted with the food service they offer.

As well as complete health insurance and free childcare for their children. It also provides its employees with free training courses to optimize their work experience.

9. Coca-Cola

After so much technology company we turned to the “queen of happiness drink.” It is true that Coca-Cola has not gone through its best moment lately, but even so the giant has remained afloat thanks to several policies among which are financial compensation for a job well done.

The integration into the workforce of people with disability or continuous training of its employees. It is also famous for the corporate decoration of its facilities around the world.

10. Chick-fil-A

A Chick-fil-A fast food company; Despite having had a very bad press for its “junk food” for years, its employees have turned the tables by declaring themselves “very happy to work there”. The fried chicken giant is famous for its “excellent” work environment and for the “unbeatable” camaraderie among its workers.

11. Mutua MADRILE├ĹA

It took first place from BBVA as the best national company (data obtained from Actualidad Econ├│mica). Mutua Madrile├▒a adopts universal measures, for all workers equally, regardless of their professional level.

In addition, since last year it has had a new performance evaluation system for each company employee, carried out at the same time by their managers, colleagues and collaborators. Its result determines the amount of salary increases for each professional and the amount of their variable remuneration.

All have life insurance of up to 500,000 euros in compensation, and it is the same for the professional who has just been incorporated at the lower level, as for the general manager. They also have complete group health insurance, although they give the possibility that it can be improved individually.

Mutua Madrile├▒a, gives 10% of fixed and variable remuneration as a contribution to a pension plan. And salaries are well above the tables of the sector agreement.

They are currently working on three important projects: a mobile application to make life easier for employees inside and outside the company, which will have multiple utilities, a new job map and a new career path model that will allow them to follow the most suitable career plan within the company.

But there are many more: the expansion of remote work, the labor integration of certain groups or improving everything related to conciliation, although Mutua already has the highest certification in this regard granted by the Fundación Más Familia.

Constant training has also always been key in this company, which allocates at least 500,000 euros per year for this purpose. They have different projects for the development of managers and for the continuous improvement of employees, such as the female leadership program.

Through which 37 women have already passed and whose objective is that they can develop managerial functions in the future. Mutua is one of the few companies in Spain that recall the non-existence of a wage gap, which has been verified by PWC.